Business Law/Corporations - Business law is a very exciting area of law for most clients. Generally, the formation of a business is the first step most clients meet with me for. Many people who start a new business contemplate how to legally form their business. Generally speaking, business are formed one of three ways: Sole-proprietorship, partnership or incorporation.

Criminal Defense - In my opinion, the hiring of a criminal attorney is the most important decision any person can make.  In many cases, a good criminal attorney can make the difference between an acquittal and a conviction.  By following the rules of evidence, making appropriate pre-trial motions and being an effective advocate for the client, a good criminal attorney can substantially change a perceived disposition of a case and make a lasting impression on an individual's life.

Employment Law - Employment law is a broad area including all areas of the employer/employee relationship except the negotiation process covered by labor law and collective bargaining. See, Labor Law & Collective Bargaining and Arbitration. Employment law consists of thousands of Federal and state statutes, administrative regulations, and judicial decisions. Many employment laws (e.g., minimum wage regulations) were enacted as protective labor legislation. Other employment laws take the form of public insurance, such as unemployment compensation.

Family Law - This is truly the most sensitive area of the law.  Usually emotions are very high between parties.  Family law consists of several areas, including divorce, custody and adoption.

Personal Injury - The majority of personal injury litigation arises from automobile accidents, however there are several other types of personal injury.  From medical malpractice to products liability, you can be injured by a wide range of individuals or companies.

Wills, Trusts & Estates - Leaving a Will is one of the most responsible things a person can do prior to their death.  In addition to leaving a will, you should also have a durable power of attorney, living will and advanced medical directives prepared.  Each tool enumerates your desires should you be unable to make decisions for yourself due to injury or disease.